Stumar Investigations

As an attorney who wants to gain every advantage for your client, you frequently need an expert witness to eliminate uncertainty from the minds of the judge and jury. Stumar’s professional staff has provided expert witness testimony at depositions, court trials and in front of legislative bodies. Having agents who can effectively communicate, testify with confidence and stand up to the most complex of cross examinations with professionalism, credentials and solid evidence is guaranteed when a Stumar agent testifies on your behalf.

Our Surveillance Group regularly provides testimony in many cases, ranging from suspected insurance fraud to family law matters. Agents from our Intellectual Property Brand & Product Group are frequently called upon as expert witnesses in federal, state and local court cases to give expert testimony on how counterfeit operations work and how to secure counterfeit merchandise. In addition, they act as experts in authentication of counterfeit products. Additionally, our Investigative Group often testifies as to the authenticity of photographs, statements and service of process. Because of our extensive courtroom experience, Stumar agents serve as effective communicators of fact to both judge and jury.